For over 16 years of my life I have kept journals cataloging my memories, for better or worse. During that time I also found myself becoming ever more infatuated with poetry and it’s effect on my creative state, as well as my mental well-being. I did not start a blog with the intention of getting published, rather, it is a place for me to store these memories I’ve written down for over a decade and a half. Along with poetry, I also love photography. While I purely do these arts for my own sake, I do enjoy sharing them with other people. For every poem I hope to have a contributing photo of mine that represents what I am trying to say. This may not always be the case and that is okay, I do not want to force it. The exception to this rule is my poem Dandelion, the photo for that was actually taken by a gentleman I only kept is touch with for a short while, but his photo and the subsequent poem of mine that followed is actually one of my favorites of my collection.

I hope as you read these poems you enjoy them for what they are, my thoughts attempting to be materialized. There is a very good chance that even after I post these poems I will go in and edit them, it’s just my way, I can’t ever seem to be satisfied. After every poem I hope to have a mini bio that explains what lead to that particular poem, whether it be a life experience, or an assignment by an instructor, I want people to know that inspiration can truly come from anywhere.

If you have gotten this far than I thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my little blog 🙂


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