Fire and Ice

Feeling trapped
Coldness surrounded me
Seeping through my skin
Down to my veins
Freezing them in place
Watching you
Watch me
Watch you
And there was nothing
I could do
Telling me
You would do your best
Warm the coldness
That surrounded me
You got real close

Using the heat from
Your breathless breath

I told you
The only way I could
Don’t even bother
I’m not worth
Your effortless effort
Never giving up
You kept coming back
Every sweet notion
More ridiculous than the last
But you kept on
Coming back
Believing this coldness
Would melt and I
Might finally
Let you in


This poem is actually based on a t-shirt I purchased back in college from a website called While I got the shirt in the early 2000’s it did not inspire me until recently when I gave myself the task of using one of those shirts as inspiration. I had some mild success using one of their other shirts as inspiration (here) so I thought it would be a good exercise to give myself and from it came a poem that I have actually come to enjoy outside of that one visual aspect.


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