You left me alone that day,

I never understood why.


My many delicate hands reached out

but you never saw me.


I sat silently in your breath;

why were you never taken?


I count my wishes in days

till the weather starts to change.


I have watched limbs loosely

float through the air around me.


Friends are fleeting,

maybe you know what I mean.


You kiss my hands,

I float away.


I freckle the sky;

watch you walk away.


I have never known such

a breath to fill the life in me.


Still feeling the sweet residue of your kiss

on my iridescent fingers.





This poem came about from an acquaintance who left my life as quickly as he entered it. But from that encounter came a photo that he took and a subsequent poem that I wrote based upon it. This is the only photo I have posted that has not been taken by me.



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